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Subj: Testimony

Life’s a Trip Travel Agency has had an ad in Coffee News for over a year. The exposure we received in the Green Bay area has been great. We’ve received numerous phone calls that have turned into revenue generating business. Working with Bev is always a pleasure, she is very easy to work with and has great ad ideas.

Lisa Mencheski
Life’s a Trip Travel Agency www.lifesatriptakeyours.com
P:   920-265-3627
Email: lisa@lifesatriptakeyours.com

Press Pass Ink

131 Reinhard Court Green Bay, WI 54303

Dear Coffee News,
I found your brown coffee newspaper at one of the local gas stations.  Sitting  with my coffee and reading through it Ifound it to be a very fun piece to read. Your articles we’re so interesting and I enjoyed learning about some of our local businesses.
Keep up the good work!
Tammy Papineau